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 UI-View 32 bits: Version 1.94 disponible


C'est pour ce week-end de fête des pères que Roger Baker nous annonce la mise à jour 1.94 pour UI-View 32 bits.

La mise à jour est disponible dans la rubrique Téléchargement. Pour l'installer vous devez disposer d'une version 1.80 ou plus.

Mise à jour UI-View 1.94 (32 bits) - 2,5 Mo

Changes UI-View32 V1.93 -> V1.94
New Features

1. D700 button added to "Easy Setup" in "KISS Setup". The commands it puts in "Into KISS" will put the TM-D700 into KISS mode without the user needing to first manually switch the radio into "TNC PKT" mode.

2. "Max silence" setting added to the "APRS Server Setup" dialogue, read the help for the dialogue to find out what it does.

3. UI-View32 now displays area objects as defined in the APRS spec. (Actually, that isn't quite true, because the definition in the spec has several major errors in it!)

4. UI-View32 now displays area objects in the format used by KG5QD's WxSvr. (For information on WxSvr see http://wxsvr.net/)

5. If you right-click an object that appears to be a WxSvr weather object, then the pop-up menu has a "Finger WxSvr" option, which can be used to get the full text of the NWS alert associated with the object.

6. The "Objects and Items" list now has a Finger button, which is enabled if the highlighted object in the list appears to be a WxSvr weather object.

7. Some enhancements made to the UI-View32 API -

(a) The interface for external programs to send and receive APRS messages has been significantly improved.

(b) External programs can now use UI-View32 to speak callsigns.

(c) A formal definition of the UI-View32 ActiveX interface, in PDF format, is included in UIV32X.ZIP.

The Following Bugs Have Been Fixed

1. Some wx reports from stations using compressed posits were not displayed correctly.

2. A work-round for a problem in the APRS NWS system - Some NWS messages sent on APRS have an expiry time in the sender's local time. It is impossible to reliably process these expiry times in other time zones. If the use of local time results in an expiry time that is in the past, or more than two weeks in the future, UI-NWS now sets the expiry time to four hours.

3. If the wx station callsign was different to the station callsign, then messages sent to it were ignored.

4. Manually deleting active areas in UI-NWS did not work properly.

5. If an unusual time or short date format was configured in Control Panel, Regional settings, then UI-NWS could terminate with a "type mismatch" error.

6. Not a bug fix, but an attempt to reduce the number of reports of a non-existent bug - The following comment has been added to the SA Map Grabber help, and to the "Street Atlas Virtual Map" section of the UI-View32 help "It will not work with any of the new style versions of Street Atlas, e.g. Street Atlas Deluxe, Street Atlas 2002 and Street Atlas 2003. These programs have a completely different structure to the old versions of Street Atlas. Even if it was possible to work out the format of the saved map files (Delorme do not publish it), it is impossible for an external program to feed in key strokes ..."

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Version 1.99 pour ce début d'année

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