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 Version 0.3.3 disponible

Digi Ned

Le célèbre programme Digi Ned est désormais disponible en version 0.3.3, cette dernière apporte de nombreuses modifications.

Afin de facilité l'installation et le paramétrage de ce programme, France APRS va très rapidement proposer une version FR de Digi Ned 0.3.3, cette dernière offrira aux oms un menu d'interrogation en Français et Anglais, des fichiers de configuration avec des commentaires.

Vous pouvez consulter les modifications en Anglais dans la suite de l'article.

We hope you will enjoy the new rules.

These are the important changes on version 0.3.3
- Change in the satellite query response, when the satellite is out of range then the response contains the next AOS instead of only saying that the satellite is not in range.
- Change of the AX25_MAC driver. Port numbers in the AX25_MAC.INI file now start counting at '1' instead of '0'. The change is only cosmetic, if you use the new AX25_MAC driver don't forget to increment the port numbers in your existing AX25_MAC.INI file. The driver will now check the version of its .ini file, look at the sample AX25_MAC.INI for the syntax. Reason for the change is that the AX25_MAC port numbering now matches with DIGI_NED's port numbering and its also more natural to start counting at '1'. Having the same numbering can prevent hard to find installation mistakes. The software API has not changed so DIGI_NED works equally well with the old as with the new AX25_MAC driver. This change of course only applies to DOS.
- Problem with "!ptt" command. On screen the program said that the PTT was disabled, however it did not actually do it. Oops...
- Added ALT-B keyboard command which forces transmission of the beacons.
- After 1 minute of logging the logfile is now closed and reopend to give operating system a chance to update the file administration. This applies to the digi_ned logfile and the tnc logfile. This way the major part of the logfile is saved even when bluntly switching off the PC (or in case of a power interruption). Previously the logfiles would be empty in these cases because DOS only seem to update its administration after the file is closed. When exiting DIGI_NED normally this is not a problem, but it is when the PC is unexpectedly switched off. I don't know if this was also a problem for Linux - I don't want to jeopardize my filesystem to check this...
- Added "~" to the "data_prefix:" rule in the sample digi_ned.ini. Now dupe checking on UIview messages are treated like APRS conformant messages.
- Changed the template beacon to have an star with an overlay "D" for DIGI_NED as per suggestion of Bob Bruninga on june 23 2002 on the APRS SIG.
- New rule 'automessage:'. Enables to automatically send a message internally to trigger posting of objects, keep tracking running or to run programs at regular intervals.
- Rules 'send:', 'beacon:', 'wx:', 'telemetry' and 'automessage' can also use absolute time now. Add an '@' sign to the interval, the number now specifies how many minutes past the hour the beacon shall appear. Note that numbers above 60 will start skipping hours; i.e. @80 specified 20 minutes past every other hour.
- Added new rules "digifirst:" and "diginext". They work as "digipeat:" but "digifirst:" only acts if the digi due is first in the digipeater list and "diginext:" only acts if the digi due is not the first in the digipeater list.

We hope you have a fine christmas time and hope to see you in APRS next year

73es, Remko and Henk.

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Version 0.3.3 disponible

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